Your Reproofed Garment: What to Expect

“The jacket arrived safely, and it looks terrific—new even.  Many thanks for your fine work.  Will probably be sending my wife’s jacket to you some time as well.”
George B.

Your garment is now reproofed.  When you receive it, it will look darker and be heavier than it was when you sent it to us.  Below are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Though we try our best to avoid it, reproofing wax may wick through the liner here and there if the manufacturer of your garment did not coat the inside surface of the liner with wax repellent (e.g. Teflon).  To remove that wax (albeit slowly), try heating the liner gently, pulling the liner away from the shell as you do, and pat with a tissue.  No guarantees, but it may work.
  2. Your garment may feel a bit tacky at first.  In time, the wax at the outermost surface will evaporate and abrade off, leaving the garment feeling dry to the touch.  If you want to speed this up, then simply hang the garment in the open air, exposed to sunlight.
  3. Because the outermost surface of your garment is now loaded with reproofing wax, refrain from putting it against upholstery (e.g. car seats, furniture) for awhile.  To hasten the day when this is no longer a concern, refer to the suggested action in Item 2.

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