How Often Should You Reproof?

How often should a waxed cotton garment be reproofed?  The short answer is that it depends on how it is used.  For the sake of discussion, let’s say it’s a field coat.  If it is being used for its designated purpose, which is to protect the wearer from thorn and thicket when he’s working a grouse covert in all sorts of weather, then it needs to be reproofed more regularly than if it’s worn only when out walking the dog on a sunny day.  In this sense, it’s no different than a fine 12-bore double, which must be cleaned and oiled on a regular basis no matter what.  Yet, that regularity is on the order of two or three times a year if it never leaves the gun cabinet, whereas it’s two or three times a week – perhaps more – if it’s used in the field every weekend.

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