Reproofing Waxed Cotton Fieldsports Clothing

Your waxed cotton fieldsports clothing takes care of you throughout the season.  Take good care of it in return.  Reproofing keeps the water out and extends the life of the fabric by making it more supple, and rip and puncture resistant.  Still, thorn and thicket sometimes gets the best of a waxed shooting jacket, etc.  When that happens, just mend as soon as you can to limit the damage.

Yet, if the cares of life tempt you to defer maintenance, then let us help.  Wildfell provides full refurbishing services for waxed cotton fieldsports clothing, making it easy to keep the kit that protects you from the elements in good working order.  Reproofing, repairing, and mildew/odor removal:  We offer it all.

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Reproofing Keeps You Dry!

Reproofing keeps you dry in the blind. Yet, how it influences diplomacy, only you will know. It’s good that a limited edition giclée print of Duck Blind Heaven, by Robert Childress, appeals to both sides of the aisle. So, give it to that special someone in your life, and help conserve waterfowl habitat in New England, all in one shot (A true double!).  Visit New Hampshire Fish and Game for details.

Permission granted by artist’s daughter, Nancy Childress.



  • Regular Jacket (mid-thigh and above) $50
  • Long Jacket (below mid-thigh) $75
  • Aussie Duster Jacket (*mid-thigh or above) $75
  • Aussie Duster Jacket (*full-length) $100
  • Vest $45
  • Trousers and Chaps $45
  • Hat $25
  • Bag/Pack (Must be constructed of waxed cotton fabric) $45

Other Services

  • Repair $25/repair area
  • Mildew/Odor Removal (Garments must be sent free of dirt and debris. Service unavailable for garments with suede leather.) $40


  1. Services apply specifically to waxed cotton fieldsports and country clothing.  We are, however, able to offer suggestions with respect to refurbishing other apparel genres.
  2. Reproofing prices include return shipping within USA.  Return shipping to Canada requires an additional $40 USD.
  3. With respect to return shipping, Wildfell reserves the right to choose the carrier, level of service, and type of packaging.  However, we will attempt to honor special requests provided that the customer pays for all additional costs.
  4. Surcharge per dry-cleaned/machine washed garment is 1x the regular price to cover additional wax and labor (e.g. Surcharge for dry-cleaned regular jacket is $50.).
  5. Garments covered with dirt and debris will be cleaned by Wildfell at $60/hour.  Refer to Wildfell’s cleaning instructions.
  6. Wicking of the reproofing wax through to the lining will occur if the garment’s manufacturer did not apply wax repellent (e.g. Teflon) to the back surface of the lining. However, we aim to minimize wicking as much as possible in this event.
  7. *An Aussie duster jacket is substantially more expensive to reproof than other types of waxed cloth outerwear. Its heavyweight fabric and high girth relative to length necessitates more wax, and its unique design features slow the reproofing process. It’s also more expensive for us to return ship on account of its weight. Consequently, the following charges apply to duster jackets: Short duster (mid-thigh or above) $75, Full-length duster $100

Sending Garments

  1. With the items being shipped, please include an itemized list (typed or hand-written) of the services that you are requesting.
  2. Include a check made to Wildfell to pay for services
  3. Send to:

Attn. Waxed Cotton Reproofing
P.O. Box 998
Middlebury, VT 05753

Many thanks to Scott Wicking, Whitby, North Yorkshire, England, for fieldsports images.