The Sporting Life


There’s more than one way to hunt upland birds.  We created this guided hunting activity for those purchasing our bespoke fieldsports apparel.  A full day of pheasant hunting − pursue your quarry gun-in-hand in the morning, and via falconry in the afternoon, or vice versa.  Pheasant shooting may be supplanted with fishing if you desire.


  • 3-participant max.
  • Participants handle and fly raptor during training
  • Raptor flies from master falconer’s hand during hunt
  • Rabbit and squirrel, if in season, may also be taken during falconry hunt
  • Falconry limits per VT Regs:  2 pheasants, 3 rabbits, 4 squirrels
  • VT hunting license required for walked-up pheasant shooting (or VT fishing license if opting for a fishing activity) but not for falconry-based hunting
  • Availability:  09/30/2017 to 12/31/2017 (Alternatively, 09/01/2017 to 04/30/2018 if French red-legged and chukar partridge are pursued via falconry instead of pheasant)
  • Walked-up shooting, 4-pheasant limit per participant at Peaceable Hill

Steps to Follow

Before purchasing, please follow these steps:
1. Make certain to purchase your bespoke garment either first in a separate order or simultaneously along with “The Sporting Life” package.
2. Email Wildfell, listing your preferred dates and times to book “The Sporting Life” package, and number of expected participants. Also, include a phone number at which you may be reached. We will confer with our falconers and Peaceable Hill about scheduling.
3. A Wildfell representative will respond to your inquiry, indicating if your request can be accommodated.
4. If the answer to (3) is ‘yes,’ then go ahead and purchase “The Sporting Life” package. Choose a value for ‘Add to Cart’ equal to the number of groups purchasing the package (3-participant max. per group).


Bespoke Clients,

You’ve purchased a Wildfell custom garment.  Why not let it make your days in the field even better starting now, while its being crafted?  Turn your visit to Middlebury for measuring or fitting into a sporting holiday by taking advantage of The Sporting Life package.

Here’s how it works.   You choose your lodging (We recommend Waybury Inn, where you will receive a discounted rate as a Wildfell customer.).  The first thing after breakfast on the big day, you meet with a Wildfell tailor at our shop for measuring/fitting.  Then head off to the coverts hunting pheasant both the medieval and the modern way.

At the same rate that we charge for our pheasant hunting via falconry activity, provided by New England Falconry in the vicinity of Middlebury, you get both the falconry session and a half day of walked-up pheasant shooting at Peaceable Hill Preserve, located nearby in Shoreham.  And if you’re not a wingshooter, you may instead opt for any of Wildfell’s guided fishing activities.

The Sporting Life package is a great opportunity that comes at a great price.  Falconry matched with either wingshooting or fishing in Vermont makes for an unforgettable day, engaged in activities that range across the fieldsports spectrum.  And with success, you head home with game fit for Christmas dinner.