Our Ethos

Wildfell exists to promote human participation in Nature and to protect the latter in perpetuity. It works to achieve these ends through its three-fold craft. The first is the design and manufacture of bespoke, sartorial fieldsports apparel. The second is the offering of guided hunting and fishing services.  The third is the reproofing and repair of waxed cotton fieldwear. That’s the method, but what about the rationale?

Civilization has waxed these last several millennia. Consequently, truly wild places are now relatively hard to come by, making it proportionally difficult for most people to access uncorrupted Nature. Yet, there is the countryside. It possesses elements of the wild and it is very accessible.  Therefore, one generally doesn’t need to spend a small fortune to get to it. In all, the countryside offers people the best opportunity to experience the natural world.

People, then, need a clothier to properly outfit them as they draw near to Nature through the accessible and the familiar – the countryside. And that’s the function of Wildfell. From the formal to the casual, and the technical to the traditional, we design and make bespoke fieldsports apparel, as well as refurbish waxed cotton field gear.